Ebony looking through her arms shaped like a pyramid

Hello. Welcome to Ebony Yoga. I’m Ebony. Yes, Ebony Yoga is named for me. It’s a branding thing, and it’s more than that. I curate yoga experiences (conferences, events, and workshops) with two emphases—healing from relationship trauma and creating safe yoga spaces for people of color. I am a 400 hour certified yoga instructor with certifications in Mindful Hatha Flow and Kemetic Yoga via the Yoga Skills method. I’ve also been practicing Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga for seven years. 

My most recent book is He Cheated, She Cheated, We Cheated. I interview women who have been cheated on, been the cheater, been the Other Woman or some combination of the three. While the stories are juicy, I didn’t write it for the salaciousness. I wrote it for the opportunity for healing from relationship trauma. Oftentimes the body remembers what the mind forgets. Yoga helps us recognize and release stored trauma. Yoga also teaches us tools to down regulate and manage our negative emotions. 

I am also passionate about creating safe yoga spaces for people of color.  My first certification is in Kemetic Yoga because I wanted to learn an African, specifically ancient Egyptian, form of yoga. My classes are places where black history is appreciated and celebrated. Ebony Yoga is an homage to Ebony wood. My artist father named me for the darkness and the softness of Ebony pencil (not the magazine). Tree poses are common in yoga as is the Roots of the Tree sequence in Kemetic yoga. Trees are grounded with deep roots. Their branches and leaves sway and bend but the trunks do not break much like the history of my people. Ebony or hbny in ancient Egypt was considered valuable as are black humans. Ebony merges black past, black present, and black future.

As we heal ourselves, we heal our ancestors, and we heal our unborn. Ebony Yoga is what the body needs for the soul.


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